Welcome to Romsey Relax. I am a hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing practitioner, and former midwife. I've been running birth preparation (trained by the NCT) for 20 years.I also run a parent-to-parent home birth group - see facebook page for Home birth Southampton 

COVID 19:  I will not be offering group and in-person courses, but I'm happy to discuss providing private interactive courses by internet,  for women and a partner. I am happy to use Zoom, WhatsApp, Jitsi Meet or your preferred application.

I offer a 30 minute consultation (free of charge, no obligation) to discuss any issues or questions you may have about preparation for labour and birth.

N.B. I am a former midwife- I am no longer practising, so any clinical information should be discussed by your NHS or private midwife.  

Please see the pages on the left for birth stories, from women and couples who have attended my courses.

Once it's safe to resume in person courses,  I hope to be using our lovely venue is the New Forest Wellbeing Centre, in Branches Lane, Sherfield English.   

Pre-COVID, I also the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour at New Forest Birth Centre, along with Zana Parker my fellow hypnobirthing practitioner -  See this page . For each person who attends we make a donation to the birth centre funds. Please contact Barbara if you are interested in coming along, Barbara4c@yahoo.com 

For information about general hypnotherapy, overcoming anxiety, please see this page - Hypnotherapy 

If you are interested in pregnancy relaxation sessions and hypnobirthing courses, you might like to read the birth stories on the left hand side bar. When they resume, course dates will be found here

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  invest in preparation for calm confident birth.
Doesn't everyone love a positive birth story? Here are stories from couples who attended courses before Christmas. Neither of these births happened as they had imagined. This shows how the techniques we cover in the courses, can be used and adapted to whatever situation you may find yourselves in. If you would like to talk to the couples,  I can put you in touch!
 Jamie and Thom - their first baby born at the New Forest Birth Centre; and Laura and Rich - planning a home birth for baby number 2, but still a positive birth at Princess Anne. 
Would you like to see your birth story here? if so check out the course, see when is best for you to attend.  details of the course are on the following pages and course dates here . If you would like a 1-1 session I am now booking these approx 6-8 weeks ahead.  
Pregnancy Relaxation Hour runs on a Monday 7.15 - 8.15 pm at the New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst,  £7 per person.  No need to book, just bring pillows/small cushions, a blanket, and/or anything you need to make yourself comfortable for the relaxation and the discussion session. Please contact me if you have any questions and  "like" my facebook page Romsey Relax to receive regular updates. 

Please note that our 1-day courses are booking rapidly. Please contact us NOW to ask about latest availability for group classes and one-to-one sessions, as the website may not reflect today's situation!   Oh, and here's another birth story showing how hypnobirthing can help -  Sara expecting her first baby.

Testimonials...I will be happy to put you in touch with couples who have attended my courses so you can ask any questions.

 What partners say …..
 “I left the day feeling very excited about the birth!”

 “I did not think a day about pregnancy would go as fast or be as relaxing.”

 "I have learnt more about how to relate to J's feelings, to manage my concerns." 

"The hypnosis is wonderful. Talking through mind maps was a real help too." 

“An excellent workshop that I would thoroughly recommend for both men and women  - particularly good for men as it really can engender confidence and clarify the man’s role in proceedings. ” 

What mums to be  say …..

“Barbara was a fantastic trainer, already feel 10x more confident about labour than I did first thing this morning! Will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

“I believe I can do this!”

“I have finished the course feeling calmer about the birth,  and I feel I have the tools now to make it a more positive experience.”  

“I'm so glad we did the workshops and found Natal Hypnotherapy- it will make a massive difference to birth, and life in general."  

“Our trainer is very knowledgeable and sought to address individual couples concerns about birth. She very much tailored the workshop to our needs. ” 
Mother-to-be  expecting third baby

“I’m still ecstatic after the birth, and although it was hard work, I wouldn’t call it painful…   I’m so glad I found out about Natal Hypnotherapy and went on the workshop, it made such a difference to the labour and my life in general as you can use it elsewhere. ” 
Second time mother , achieved vaginal birth after caesearean (VBAC) 


WOW! Hypnobirthing 

Watch this space for our new hypnobirthing course - meanwhile please visit www.BirthingWithConfidence.co.uk