The Pregnancy Relaxation Hour  - not running for the moment 

Every Monday evening 7.15-8.15pm - excluding bank holidays, at New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst, SO40 7AR. 

Railway station and bus stop nearby, plus ample free parking; the Happy Cheese pub is close by, so if you would like a partner or friend to drive you to the relaxation hour, they can have their own relaxation in the pub - you can join them at 8.15 for a drink or meal! 

£7 per session, payable on arrival.

Pay-as-you-go - £7 per session. Please contact us to register your interest.  

What should I bring? 

As you are likely to be lying on the floor, to experience a lovely long relaxation/hypnosis session, you may like to bring pillows, a blanket, or anything to help you feel really comfy and cosy so you can relax more easily.  The sessions are held in the homely day-room or may be held in one of the comfortable birth rooms if they are not being used for that hour.  

What is Relaxation Hour?

The central feature of the Relaxation Hour is a lovely long soothing relaxation, or hypnosis for pregnancy session. Each weekly Relaxation Hour session provides a different focus covering common concerns in pregnancy, such as healthy eating, good sleep, trusting your body, releasing anxiety, depending on the needs of those attending.  All sessions are designed to increase your belief and confidence in your ability to grow and birth your baby. As your anxiety reduces and you learn to relax, you naturally find that your breathing becomes deep and rhythmic, aiding relaxation and increasing your ability to cope in labour, helping you, helping your baby.   There will always be some time to talk. We aim to respond to the needs of the participants so sessions include time to ask questions about anything birth or baby-related or to share how you are feeling.  

These sessions are for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. They could be just what you need to fill those long gaps between early pregnancy antenatal appointments, to boost your confidence levels throughout pregnancy or as the day of your baby's birth draws closer and you're feeling tired or maybe a bit anxious and you just want to chill out after a long day.  

You can attend the Relaxation Hour whether or not you have attended our one-day antenatal classes. Relaxation Hour does what it says - gives you a chance to talk and to relax in a beneficial way.

++Please note that the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour is not a substitute for our hypnobirthing courses - whick build on the pregnancy relaation to go on to prepare you more fully for labour and birth.  To find out more about our course, email Barbara. 

Pregnancy Relaxation Hour Sessions are run by Zana Parker or Barbara Wyant, both of whom are experienced antenatal educators (over 20 years each!) and hypnobirthing practitioners  Barbara is also a former midwife and hypnotherapist and Zana is a qualified practising counsellor.