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Please email me - first of all, to check availability for my classes, or to discuss  private sessions. Here is the booking form and our terms and conditions.

The 2 day group courses are usuallyheld on Fridays and Saturdays. Our feedback suggests that people enjoy having time out in the week - when childcare is readily available, and protecting the all important time for rest and social activities at the weekend.  

You are entitled to time off for antenatal classes, and our clients regularly use this entitlement for Natal Hypnotherapy courses:

What better start to the weekend activities than a day of relaxation and reflection, a time to set aside to invest as a couple in one of the most important experiences for your new family.

By booking advance you should be able to find days of the week to suit you, even if it is across 2 months, and with 2 different practitioners. 

We would advise that you attend the Natural Pain Relief study day first. This can be taken at any time in pregnancy, and will get you started on your hypnotherapy practice. By booking early you will have have maximum benefit of the Pregnancy relaxation download (which you receive after booking/full payment).

 It is good to do the Practical Birth Preparation day at a time when you are looking towards the birth - say 32 weeks onwards, as we will cover the process of labour and birth skills. We aim not to get bogged down in medical terminology  and measurements; instead we focus on how labour may be experienced by the woman, and observed by her partner or chosen attendants.  

How we use your data: We may ask for personal and/or sensitive data about you in order to correspond with you to provide information you have requested and to book and process classes/services. If you are interested in and/or booking a Hypnobirthing course or Pregnancy Relaxation Hour, your data may be shared between Zana and Barbara for the purposes of course administration and to ensure seamless working with the aim of providing our best service to you. Your data will be stored for up to 6 years for insurance and personal accounting purposes. It will not be shared with 3rd parties without your permission. All photos, stories & client comments appearing on this website are shared with permission.

Copyright: please do not reproduce any information, text, illustrations or photographs from this website or from anything downloaded from this website in any form whatsoever without written permission from the website owner, Zana Parker. You wouldn't like it if anyone nicked your stuff! Thank you.