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Once you have booked and paid, I can send you your free pregnancy relaxation download track,  for you to start enjoying deep relaxation, in preparation before coming to the course.

* Note Workshops are run by either Barbara (B) or Zana (Z).

Session One  - focus on hypnobirthing - relaxation - breathing -  theory and practice on reaching a deeply relaxed state to help the birth hormones; working with your birth partner; develop your own 30-second rapid relaxation techniques.

Session Two - overview of labour with practical skills for you and your partner for birth; positions for labour using a birthing ball, massage techniques;  engaging with the healthcare team;  preparing your personal plan for birth 

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 Private workshops are available, half day, full day format, or evenings. 

Please email the relevant practitioner for the course you are interested in.

Dates will appear here when I am running them


One day course - either Natural Pain Relief or Practical Birth Preparation : £148

Complete Two day course - Both Natural Pain Relief & Practical Birth Preparation : £248

One day, one to one course in your home £250 (charge for mileage may apply) 

Is this your first baby? Read birth stories here -  Jamie and Thom amazed the midwives by birthing their 8lb 9oz baby calmly using only hypnobirthing techniques, at the New Forest Birth Centre;  Read about Emma and Stewart's hospital birth and Sara's home birth  using Natal Hypnotherapy techniques from my courses. 

Laura and Rich's plans changed when they accepted induction of labour but still ensured they had a positive birth experience for baby Cora.

If you have had a caesarean, see how hypnobirthing helped Robyn plan for a positive birth experience for baby number 2.  

Group classes and private sessions    

For maximum benefit, I recommend the full programme of two one-day antenatal sessions,  and includes all course materials and relaxation tracks for you and your partner to use after the course.  

You can book each day in different months, so you can start to feel the benefits of better sleep and feeling more positive straight away, and spread the cost. 

If you prefer a more tailored or private approach, you can book a 1-1 in your home, Monday to Friday, where you have the luxury of a full day to focus on you, your baby, and to build on your strategy for birth as a team, without eating into weekends. You can spread 1-1 sessions across two half day/evening sessions. There may be a small extra charge for my travel on a per-mile basis.

You can mix and match group sessions and one-to-ones. for example many clients like to learn about hypnobirthing in Session One on a 1-1 basis,  with home comforts around them, where we are able to focus on any particular anxieties or worries confidentially. Then, they may be happy to attend a group for Session Two, nearer the birth.

Please ask early  - the slots can fill quickly and I hate to leave people disappointed! 

   Session One  : Hypnobirthing, relaxation, and breathing for birth preparation   

In  this session you will learn what hypnosis is (and what it isn't!) and how it can be used - both in everyday life, and during pregnancy, to help you feel more positive, and to prepare for labour and birth. You will learn how fear and anxiety can inhibit labour and increase the pain sensations. Also how - if a partner is anxious - the adrenaline in the room can affect the labouring woman - that's why we invite partners to participate in the relaxation sessons if they wish to.  

You will practise relaxation, breathing, and self hypnosis skills to overcome fear,  and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth.  You will explore ways your birth partner can help you to achieve a deeply relaxed state. There will be plenty of opportunity to work together and practise techniques you will be able to use in labour. 

It's really important to continue practising the skills you have learned, to reinforce the relaxation skills and positivity, so you will go home with a link to download a set of relaxation tracks for you and your partner to continue. You can take this session at any time during pregnancy.

Session Two: Birth Preparation - application of practical skills 

The workshop develops the skills you have gained in the first session. The role of the birth partner is a key focus for the day.

You will learn about how normal birth unfolds, physically and emotionally, and partners will gain skills to deal with the different emotional responses a woman may display in labour.  You will have the opportunity to practise massage, movement, using a birth ball. you will have learned effective ways to work together with midwives and the medical team supporting you. 

By the end of the day you will have a plan for birth to take home and develop in the period leading up to the birth, with your course resources.

The above sessions are also available as private sessions, subject to availability. IF in your home, there may be a mileage charge, at HMRC current rates.